经济发展 2020-03-25 10:08:41

  Chinese and foreign scholars copolymer 2019 Asian National Culture and Arts Forum National Culture and Arts Forum Asia 2020 5th ended in Beijing Normal University.More than 170 participants from China, the United States, South Korea, France, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Colombia and other countries to reach a consensus: Art education and communication should make a difference in Asian civilizations and mutual learning in.During the five-day period, scholars around the "future of Asian Art" to start the exchange, involving a variety of disciplines including research music, dance, education and sports, film and new media, traditional Asian arts.Beijing Normal University, Dean of College of Arts and Media Hu Zhifeng speak.Wang Ningshe "In a sense, the art of communication between different civilizations is most appealing to emotion, and most able to communicate, learn from each other and learn from each others cultural presentation form."Chinese opera, vice president of Seinfeld said that art is the crystallization of civilization, but also the exchange of civilizations window.Art conveys and reflects the different countries, different ethnic emotions, attitudes and cultural values."We are engaged in arts education for everybody, the only means of Asian art history and tradition, facing the future it should also take up more great responsibility and mission."Beijing Normal University, Dean of College of Arts and Media Hu Zhifeng said, future-proof of Asian art, historical heritage means that it is necessary to meet the needs of individual countries and national cultural identity, but also should be the communication of different countries, different nationalities, different exchange and dialogue among cultures carrier like state.Korea National Sports University professor Hyun white Shun said, mankind has entered the era of scientific and technological revolution, we need in the future to create more quality products, content, culture, arts and technology integration needs, create new knowledge, at the same time also to embrace traditional culture and art.The forum for the promotion of arts and cultural knowledge, cultural knowledge and information sharing, promote the exchange of Asian people, very meaningful.Seinfeld is a famous Chinese erhu artist, also visited many countries show.She said that arts and culture can have Asian-style museum-like state of preservation, can have innovative style of modern art, but also have a combination of tradition and modernity.We are often impressed by the different countries, different nationalities of cultural and artistic products, was touched by the different performing arts and human expression of emotion.It is this diversity of culture and the arts-like state, emotional expression authenticity, uniqueness of cultural values, let us pay more attention to mutual respect and understanding between, enhance exchanges and cooperation between each other.In addition to the oral presentation papers, the more cultural events held at the same time, contributing to the national feast of Asian art for the honored guests and the audience.Hu Zhifeng said he believes the display and study of Asian art, can bridge the gap and hostility between civilizations, enhance mutual understanding and friendship, work together to build a better world, this should be an important mission for the future of Asian art.