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  Gongjusiyong 114 times, with fines tourism.The forest is no convergence police chief 3 years Gongjusiyong 114 times, using public funds to travel Forfeiture.The forest police chief is no convergence [informed] Hezuo, Gansu Province Forest Public Security Bureau, former director of United World Chinese package tour of public funds, and other issues Gongjusiyong.October 2016, Forest City Public Security Bureau, former director of package Shihua cooperation led their employees a total of six people during the learning Guangxi Beihai, with 10,000 yuan wood fines, pass Baise, Guilin tourism; since 2014 package Shihua any cooperation Forest City since the police director, long-term Gongjusiyong total costs incurred 22077.07 yuan; 2015 to 2020, including Shihua has three times the behest of using public funds to buy beef units leadership issued a total of 9801 yuan welfare.Shihua package by a serious warning, administrative demerits punishment.Recently, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC National Site "May Day, Dragon Boat Festival Four Winds problem of supervision and reporting exposure zone" notified of 11 cases of typical cases, Hezuo, Gansu Province Forest Public Security Bureau, former director of United World Chinese Commercial packages, travel by public funds learning opportunities and there is Gongjusiyong, welfare violations issued disciplinary actions, severely punished.As a police chief, package Shihua even Gongjusiyong 114 times, continuous why no disciplinary convergence?"Wipe" public "oil" is used to back home three years Gongjusiyong 114 times in October 2016, when he led the United World Chinese Commercial package for employees Forest City Public Security Bureau in cooperation total of six people, to participate in Guangxi Beihai forest and forest scene investigation cases Police investigators training law enforcement.Before leaving for Guangxi, Forest City Public Security Bureau deputy director Xu cooperation, join in the training of cooperation from Forest City Public Security Bureau vice squad Zhang instructor at the request of public funds to finance the 10,000 yuan.After the training, since his son to school in Baise, including Shihua had a "rare trip out of the way to see his son," the idea.So people will go 6 Baise more than 400 kilometers away, and then all the way to Guilin to play, the whole cost of wood fines from 10,000 yuan in spending.Looking at the beautiful scenery, spend the public money, at first package Shihua there are concerns, feel inappropriate to do so from the heart.But another thought blink of an eye, I do not think greed is not accounted eat and drink, go out and play what is not.It is with such a lucky attitude, a pedestrian organization without approval, arbitrarily change the itinerary, in order to "take the opportunity" in the name to Guilin and other tourist attractions.The package Shihua misconduct, seemingly by chance, but in fact inevitable.For a long time, the package Shihua thought, "calcium deficiency", "accounting for" the public had become accustomed to cheap.The investigation, since 2014, any cooperation Forest City Public Security Bureau, a long-term package Shihua Gongjusiyong.3 years, Shihua package back and forth with the bus home 114 times, resulting in cost 17,100 yuan; units of police vehicles several times to go out, but no more occurrences of the subject vehicles travel a total of 3968 votes in oil.07 yuan, including Shihua, head office and its unit fails to account for all vehicles subject Xu.December 2017, the package Shihua let the bus to send their units to Lanzhou examination, after returning reimbursed all costs 1009 yuan.In addition, in mid-2015 to 2020, including Shihua has three times the behest of using public funds to buy beef units leadership issued a total of 9801 yuan welfare.Entered into a conspiracy of silence against fraud collusion organizational review March 2020, City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC cooperation received letters of complaint letters about the package Shihua, after preliminary verification, on May 14 to review its relevant issues continue to initiate an investigation.During the review authority to initiate an investigation discipline inspection and supervision, including Shihua luck, collusion others to enter into a conspiracy of silence, but also provide false evidence, fabricating evidence in an attempt to cover up the fact that breaches of discipline.According to some telephone recording Hezuo Forest Public Security Bureau vice squad Zhang provided by: 2020 June 30, the package calls at Zhang Shihua Commission for Discipline Inspection verified in an interview, admitted that its timber Forfeiture department involved by private individuals someone elses money.In the same year August 7, package Shihua Zhangs home to personally reiterate the matter.To enhance credibility, at the behest of the package Shihua, Zhang involved with the boss wrote an article under the guise of, in order to cope with the discipline inspection organs of the review investigation.While collusion, the package Shihua on a clear understanding of their own mistakes, resentment serious, deliberate confrontation organizational review investigation and during the organization of its suspended inspection, without warning not to leave, go out without permission, interfering with normal handling procedures.Faced with this situation, investigators find their patient and meticulous hand talk talk, to explain the national policy and legal discipline, on the one hand unraveling improve and consolidate the chain of evidence.In the face of evidence of iron, bag Shihua finally bow to admit, truthful account.In January 2020, United World Chinese package tour due to public funds, long-term Gongjusiyong, illegal payment of benefits and other issues, subject to a serious warning, administrative demerits punishment.Root is the "public rights private", "Sungongfeisi" public funds to travel in disguise ideology is everything, Gongjusiyong, behind such issues as illegal payment of benefits is accounted for under the guise of official public cheap.Occasional public accounting package Shihua think the point is not cheap, "a big mistake", are small problems, small problems, not worthy of attention discipline inspection organs.After nineteen large party, he still luck, do not converge, not close hand, only I do not know, the loss of principle among the rolling wheel Gongchesiyong, discipline violations, do whatever they want.Shihua package of long-term continuous discipline its own way, again and again, and again crossed the red line discipline, on the one hand it reflects his unit as "number one", the "public rights private" wrong view of power and privilege of playing "Sungongfeisi" error values; on the other hand, the bus management system, fines and other regulations imperfect system is not perfect, and some system exists in name, key to key positions people do not form a mechanism of supervision.Hand-Mo stretch, will hand caught."Package Shihua these are not unaware of misconduct, but he knows discipline and discipline, graft small public cheap, after all, or privilege of thinking at work."Gannan Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan officials said.