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  Practical Logic of Chinese rule Fast since the founding of New China, our Party has led the people to create a rare in the world of economic and social development miracle miracle long-term stability, greatly enhance the comprehensive national strength and international influence and peoples living standards, in a few years time to finish the developed countries for hundreds of years through the process of industrialization, the realization of Chinas rule.Chinas government has an inherent theoretical logic, system logic and historical logic, the logic of the three are united in the practice of Chinese rule.Adhere to the centralized and unified leadership of the Communist Party of China.General Secretary of the report clearly pointed out in the nineteenth party, the Chinese Communist Party leadership is the most essential features of socialism with Chinese characteristics, is the biggest advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.Chinese Communist Party leadership to ensure that the correct direction of development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to ensure that our disruptive error does not appear on the fundamental issue, which is the fundamental mysteries of Chinas governance can be achieved where.Party leadership is the fundamental system of the leadership system of our country, living in commanding position in state institutional system."Decision to uphold and improve the socialist system with Chinese characteristics to promote a number of major issues of national governance systems and governance modernization" describes several aspects of institution building to strengthen the partys leadership, the core is to maintain the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized the system of leadership and the partys overall leadership system.The authority of the Party Central Committee and current maintenance centralized and unified leadership of the most important is the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and resolutely safeguard the core, the core of the whole party, consciousness in thought highly consistent with the Party Central Committee with Comrade political action.As well as improve the leadership system of the Party Central Committees important work, and improve the Party Central Committee to promote the implementation of major decision-making mechanism, strict implementation of the Party Central Committee to consult reporting system, improve the maintenance of centralized organizational system and other party.Among them, the principle of democratic centralism is the fundamental organizational and leadership system of our party, is an important symbol of the Marxist party is different from other political parties."Decision" states: "adhere to democratic centralism, improve the development of inner-party democracy and implement the correct focus of the relevant system, improve the direction of the party, the overall plan, set policy, the ability to promote reform."Democratic centralism is a combination of institutional democracy under centralized guidance and focus on a democratic basis, it put full play to inner-party democracy and peoples democracy and the right to combine centralized, either fully stimulate the creativity of the whole Party and the whole people , they can focus on the whole party ideas and wisdom to effectively prevent and overcome discuss without decisions, make decisions decentralization does not work, avoid mutual constraints inherent in Western political parties, as well as wrangling between political parties led to low efficiency of administration battles chronic illness.Partys centralized leadership can play a strong party organization and mobilization capacity to ensure the countrys next game fully and effectively mobilize the enthusiasm, concentrating power, which is an important manifestation of the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.Adhere to the Partys centralized leadership depends on constantly strengthening the Partys governing capability.Our party has always pay attention to party members and cadres of capacity building.In the new era, our party must focus on improving the partys ability to govern sound and leadership to overcome a variety of risks and challenges from home and abroad, to ensure carrying the great dream of the great rejuvenation of the victorious advance of the ship.Adhere to Marxism as the fundamental guiding ideology Base of the Partys founding.Since the date of the founding of the Communist Party of China, took Marxism written on its banner, Marxism is "to be the fundamental guiding principle of our founding Base of the Party and the people in the choice of history, becoming the guidance we continue to win the revolution, construction and reform a powerful ideological weapon of victory. ".China is inseparable from the rule to guide the realization of this scientific theory of Marxism.The reason adhere to Marxism as the fundamental guiding ideology Base of the Partys founding, because Marxism occupied the commanding heights of human and moral truth.On the one hand Marxism profoundly reveals the universal law of nature, human society, the development of human thinking, provide a scientific world outlook and methodology for us, is a powerful ideological weapon for people to understand the world and transform the world.As ideological line, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth view of truth, dialectical materialism, historical materialism, it is the partys scientific decision-making, scientific governance of the theoretical foundation; on the other hand, it insists to achieve the liberation of the people, safeguard the peoples interests It stands to achieve human freedom and comprehensive development and human liberation mission.To all the people, all relying on the people, is a strong foundation of the Communist Party of China to maintain contact with the flesh and blood of the people, always invincible.Adhere to the Partys self-revolution to promote social revolution.Communist Party of China in the long years of revolution, construction and reform and development practice, the formation of the fine tradition of the partys self-revolution and Minds.In the new-democratic revolution, our party through the Yanan Rectification Movement against subjectivism in order to rectify the style of study, fight sectarianism in order to rectify the partys work style, and fight Party stereotypes in order to rectify the style of writing, completely solve the problem of the partys political line of thought, is the entire party Army established the guiding role of Mao Zedong thought has created the ideological and political premise, laid a solid foundation for the victory of the new democratic revolution.On the eve of the victory of the new democratic revolution, Comrade Mao Zedong in the partys seventh the Second Plenary Session proposed the "two musts", demands that all keep a clear mind and mental state of the revolutionaries in the face of victory.At the beginning of reform and opening up, the partys second session of the Second Plenary Session made a decision on the whole Party, is an important exploration and practice of our party in the reform and opening up to strengthen self-construction conditions carried out.In the process of reform and opening up, our party has always attached importance to the ideological and political education of party members, adhere to arm the whole Party with the latest achievements of Marxist theory, and continue to pursue the fight against corruption.Since the partys 18, the CPC Central Committee with Jiang at the core of the party strictly and vigorously promote the comprehensive, on the one hand to carry out the mass line educational activities and education campaign, on the other hand, zero tolerance of corruption, significant improvement in the political environment within the party, the partys creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness significantly enhanced, party unity is more consolidated, significant improvement in ties between the party, the party stronger in forging a revolutionary, full of new great vitality.Visible, identify and correct errors in the party itself, self-revolution accompanied the entire history of our Party.General Secretary said: "The Communist Party of China is not that great do not make mistakes, but in never suffer in silence, the courage to face the problem, the courage to self-revolution, with a strong ability to repair itself."The party through self-revolution efforts to solve outstanding problems in the party of their own existence, and constantly improve the self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, the ability to self-improvement, to maintain and develop the Partys advanced nature and purity, the great social revolution led by the party to lead, this is our partys most distinctive character, is the worlds other political parties different from the most significant sign is an important password Chinas rule to be implemented.Promote the Marxist era of popular China put forward a series of theoretical innovation.Chinas government to implement an important reason, is the Chinese Communist Party continue to promote the Chinese era of popular Marxism, against the book worship, doctrine rigid thinking, and life for fresh era practice of continuous development, continuous innovation theory, form a series of theoretical line with national conditions, reflects the characteristics of the times Chinas innovation to guide practice.For example, accurate grasp of Chinas basic national conditions, our country is still in the making and long-term scientific thesis in the primary stage of socialism; creatively put forward the socialist market economic theory, established the same level of the primary stage of development of productive forces of the socialist society to adapt the socialist market economic system, to promote major changes in the socialist economic system, the party and the people into a great initiative to explore the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics; from the development needs of the times and practice, has made a socialist society and the primary stage of socialism in our country the main contradiction is the peoples growing material and cultural needs of the contradictions and the backward social production, as well as socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, the principal contradiction in our society has been transformed into a better life for the peoples growing needs and imbalances are not fully developed significant judgment contradiction between.These many theoretical innovations closely reflect the actual development of the times and changes in practice, is the theoretical foundation of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, it is the theoretical support of the Chinese government to be implemented.Good at practice and theoretical innovation achievements into system.Since the founding of New China, we continue to advance in the practice of socialist construction in innovation and theoretical innovation, institutional innovation and the results form the fundamental political system of peoples congress system, the multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China the basic political system of ethnic autonomy system and grassroots self-government system and other areas, Chinas socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, the basic socialist economic system, and the establishment of the economic system, political system, cultural system, social system, etc. in these systems on the basis of the specific system.Economic system, for example, since the 2078 reform and opening up, for the liberation of the shackles of the traditional system productivity, to adjust the ownership structure, change the original "a sophomore public" ownership model, certainly in the non-public economy under public ownership as the mainstay of the premise economic status, from the definition of non-public economy is "complementary" public economy or socialist economy, to emphasize the diverse forms of ownership develop.2097 15th CPC National Congress report: "public ownership is dominant and diverse forms of ownership develop, is a basic economic system in the primary stage of socialism in China."March 2099, will be the basic economic system in the primary stage of socialism formal written constitution."Decision" that: "public ownership is dominant and diverse forms of ownership developing, distribution according to work is dominant and diverse modes of distribution coexist, the socialist market economic system and other basic socialist economic system."So far, Chinas basic economic system of socialism more perfect.History shows that since the reform and opening up, the theoretical innovation every step, appropriate institutional mechanisms to reform and improve the system to step forward, which is a distinctive feature of Chinas rule.Strong cultural self-confidence, enhance the peoples ideological and cultural identity.Culture is a country, a nations soul.Cultural and spiritual support dynamic role played by the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics is an important part of Chinas rule practice logic.Chinese nation 5,000 years of civilization gave birth to the profound Chinese traditional culture; the Communist Party of China, led the mission to save the nations new democratic revolution gave birth to the Chinese peoples cultural revolution has strong vitality and inspiring; since the founding of New China especially since the reform and opening up, the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics gave birth to the full spirit of the times of socialist advanced culture.Chinese traditional culture, the cultural revolution, the socialist advanced culture constitute the common spiritual home of the Chinese people, unite the core values of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Lofty ideal of communism and common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics closely together so that all the people on the ideals and beliefs, values, moral values.We attach great importance to the cultivation and practice the socialist core values, the core values of socialism into social development in all aspects, into peoples emotional identification and behavior.It is common ideals and beliefs and common cultural ties, strengthen the construction of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, so that people of all nationalities like pomegranate seeds, like a big hug, and gather together a strong spiritual force to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Thus avoiding a diversified due to the economic and social development and globalization open conditions brought about by stakeholders, ideas varied and diverse cultural identity and social consensus that may arise in the absence of.Adhere to common prosperity, shared development, to achieve effective integration of social.Common prosperity is a fundamental goal of Marxism, since ancient times is a basic ideal of the Chinese people.It oppose egalitarianism, but also to prevent the gap is too large.After the reform and opening up the eastern region to lead the development, problems of uneven development between regions increasingly prominent; while the income gap between members of society widening.To this end, the party and the country through the implementation of the western development strategy, poverty alleviation and other development policies and taxation, social security, and other transfer payments as a primary means of redistribution reasonable adjustment mechanism regulating urban and rural areas, the gap between different groups, and strive to achieve social basic fairness.Socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, the general secretary and the share of people-centered development philosophy, common prosperity gives new meaning to: "Share the essence of the idea is to adhere to the people-centered development thinking, reflecting gradually achieve common prosperity requirements."Sharing the eradication of poverty is the primary development, in November 2014, the general secretary precise poverty idea.Fifth Plenary Session of the partys 18 from the realization of building a moderately prosperous society in an objective, the "Anti-poverty" to "tackling poverty," clearly a new era tackling poverty by 2020. "two guarantees": to ensure that the current standards under the rural poor out of poverty, to ensure that all poverty-stricken counties Uncap poverty.The report stressed that in the nineteenth party in 2020 is building a moderately prosperous society extra period, the key is to highlight the efforts on the key, make up the short board, strengths and weaknesses, in particular, to resolutely fight poverty precise tough fight, so building a moderately prosperous society to get people approved, and can withstand the test of history.When in 2035 the basic realization of socialist modernization, "peoples lives more comfortable, significantly increased the proportion of middle-income groups, the development gap between urban and rural areas and the gap between the living standards significantly reduced, basic public services to achieve equalization of basic, common prosperity of all the people Mai when a solid pace, "to be fully completed by mid-century modern socialist country, basically common prosperity of all the people, our people will enjoy more happy and peaceful life.Common prosperity is the fundamental objectives and basic characteristics of socialism is to prevent polarization, social tear, national unrest, maintain social stability and harmonious development of important foundation.Adhere to the Partys absolute leadership over the peoples army.Adhere to the Party commands the gun, make sure that the peoples absolute loyalty to the party and the people, and effectively protect national sovereignty, security and development interests of national governance is a significant advantage of China.Fundamental principle and system of the Partys absolute leadership over the army, originated in the Nanchang Uprising, founded on three Bay adaptation, finalized in Gutian Conference, the peoples army is completely different from all the political nature of the old army and the fundamental advantages.Party leadership is the peoples army has always maintained a strong cohesion, guarantee fundamental solidarity, creativity, combat.On the road ahead revolution, construction and reform, the principle of the Partys absolute leadership over the army is always wavering, the peoples army as this can never be a change of soul, never lost the lifeblood of any time under any circumstances the partys banner for the banner to the partys direction as a direction to the partys will to the will of.Party nineteenth lot of the people adhere to the partys absolute leadership over the armed forces rose to the basic strategy of the new era of maintaining and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics.Socialist construction and reform period, our party continue to strengthen the system construction, the partys absolute leadership over the peoples army to carry out the whole process of army building in various fields, such as adhere to the Central Military Commission Chairman assumes overall responsibility, adhere to the Party system, political commissar system, political authority system, adhere to the head of the division responsible for the system of party unified collective leadership, adhere to the branch on a company, improve the party leadership over the armys organizational system.Adhere to the Partys absolute leadership over the military regime is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to ensure that the party and the countrys prosperity, an important guarantee for long-term stability.Relying on hard work and wisdom of the Chinese people.The people are the creators of history, is the subject of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and national governance, diligence and wisdom of the Chinese people is an inexhaustible source of Chinas rule to be implemented.The Chinese nation is one of the hardest working people, hard-working Chinese people for thousands of years has become an intrinsic gene from generation to generation and behavior.General secretary repeatedly stressed: "Happiness is a struggle out."" The great dream was not such as to health and happiness to come, but spell it out, dry out."Hes the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening said: achievements China has made in 40 years not fall from the sky, more than others the gift of charity, but the whole Party and people with diligence, wisdom, courage dry out!We can say that the most successful reform is to stimulate the enthusiasm of the people General business, initiative and creativity.Chinese people not only hard-working, intelligent richer.In the contemporary Chinese peoples wisdom is reflected in the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics to create, innovation and continuous improvement on the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, China is a developing countrys modernization provides a new choice.Chinese peoples diligence and wisdom reflected in the contribution of many Chinese plan to solve human problems, such as the face of increasingly complex and critical global issues, the general secretary of the human community thought fate.Chinese peoples wisdom reflected in the unique technological innovation and technological progress, such as artemisinin, hybrid rice for the health and happiness of people around the world to make a significant contribution to the temple, dragon, eye in the sky, Wukong, Mo, large aircraft, high-speed rail major scientific and technological achievements have been brought.Chinese peoples wisdom embodied in the fine traditional culture of thousands of years in China genes, such as "China Foundation of the State", "Heaven", "and different", "Road trip also, Things," " Germany not alone, must be a neighbor, " benevolent, Do unto others, do not impose on others, etc..These ideas have great value to governance and the rule of global governance in today.