植物知识 2020-02-29 13:29:19

  "Red envelopes that day do not send several visits" prompted regulators plugging When "red envelopes to do that day, do not send several visits" prompted regulators made by plugging [network] According to reports, recently, artificial neural network in Jiangxi Province have reports from the public, industrial and commercial business license in the area, repeated work a variety of reasons people make things difficult season.District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC survey found that a quarter of the requirements in approving clients plus micro letter on red envelopes, he put the card that day to do; not red envelopes, ran a few times before giving handle.After investigation, the service received a total of a quarter of an object 26 times 9232 yuan red envelope.The staff eventually punished, sub-Secretary also admonishing remarks, we have the rot will come back to the local Jijian committee, the "fly" must take the attitude thumbs up.But after this case, how to achieve pre-approval regulatory constraints on the power of the window, to avoid recurrence of similar problems, is more a question worth considering.Place in Linchuan city supervision bureau of this incident, it seems that some entrepreneurs to prove the so-called "corrupt incentives" effective.But in fact, we can solve this problem through a forward constraint.Currently, many areas in the implementation of administrative examination and approval, accreditation "run once" policy should be implemented as soon as possible Linchuan local or convenience measures to improve the relevant.Any reason to let things masses "non-transport" should be a principle must be clear, otherwise, should have the appropriate accountability, follow-up penalties.In addition, the government information technology era resolve "not to benefit not work," the ills, there are a lot of space efforts, such as "data and more running, masses less errands".In the era of rapid development of information technology and improve technical means restraint power derailed, it should be the priority areas of regulatory options.Technical supervision of the application means the more power the "cage" will more closely tie.