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  Li Shaoqing war veterans: willing to ordinary not forget the early heart Li Shaoqing buried "name" deeds caused concern we have for decades thumbs up: "People did not forget she is early heart!"Changjiang Daily News won the three independent Medal of Freedom, three Liberation Medal, Korean War medals, is buried name for decades retired as an ordinary employee status.8, after the 98-year-old war veteran Li Shaoqing story hit the papers, cause Li Shaoqing had worked for the unit as well as the concern of friends.After the tribute to old friends willing to ordinary hero does not claim credit for the day, reported by the official micro Changjiang Daily, headlines on the spread, triggering widely reprinted on the Internet platform.Peoples Daily, Guangming Wang, Sports Network and other sites were significantly push page story, a lot of users thread comments thumbs up.Netizens "shock Wu Life": "Having medals can be covered chest, she put pressure on the bottom decades medal.Hospital Kulei work in obscurity, showing ethical Li Shaoqing elderly.Not claim credit, willing to ordinary, indisputable honor of treatment, many people can not do, she did it.She is the beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission of people!"Users century ol:" The power of example is great, to pay tribute to the old hero, learning model!"Netizens a green tree:" do not forget the early heart, the original hero on the side."More users in addition to expressing admiration, but have pledged to inherit and carry forward the elderly do not count fame, give up my little spiritual quality."90" was deeply moved workers to pay an application to join the party on the 8th, Li Shaoqing quickly launch ever worked Fourth Hospital of Wuhan City, "Li Shaoqing study found that around a good party member" campaign, calling on the entire staff to learn her fame and fortune, without me selfless dedication."Li Shaoqing elderly to remain in the war years, the fame and fortune of peace, serious and responsible in the ordinary post, to set a good family tradition for the next generation," the hospital official said, through learning activities, the old party members Li Shaoqing spirit, like Like a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation in the hospital, it will serve as the heart of patient care within and outside of the line, encourage medical workers to provide more and better health care and more temperature."The power of examples is endless, Li Shaoqing elderly after our young 90 educational staff is very important."After learning the story Li Shaoqing elderly, the fourth city hospital after 90 round workers Meng excited, pledged to submit an application to join the party.She said that although a variety of TV shows, movies touching to know a lot of heroic stories, but far less than the shock caused by the big people around.Li Shaoqing, especially the elderly, have a glorious past, but rarely against those, quietly doing extraordinary work, is hard to impress."More importantly, this order her ideals and beliefs, a life time to seek, to practice spiritual, deeply touched me, people can not help to get close, want to learn.".