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  "Hard core old man" cited mad praise for the understanding of young people moving "Hard core old" mad praise lead young people to understand and moved recently, an elderly man appeared on the Dalian Metro, because the waist hanging small LED display card "Needless seat," the word, known as the "hard core uncle.".The 76-year-old man named Liu Zengsheng years old, he said the move was afraid to burden the other passengers."Todays young people is not easy, my body can still standing there is no problem.".In reality, "the seat to the elderly should not be made" repeated and stimulate discussion, and even lead to a lot of conflict.Some seniors even tough requirements of young children to their seat, and even "speak with a fist", which appeared in "old age or bad bad" stigmatization of such groups of extreme remarks."Hard core old man" phenomenon, the stigma of the elderly populations remarks can be described as heavy on her face.In fact, Uncle Liu Dalian like this "hard core elderly" minority.A few days ago, there is a Rong Momo take the bus seat to press down the boy video on a hot search - "Rong Momo," the actor, 83-year-old Li Mingqi teacher, will press her seat to a boy seat, has been standing.It also represents the image of the old mans self but sensible.In my opinion, the elderly may not be such a "self-reliance", after all, the physical condition of the elderly than younger.Sensible reason why the elderly more popular these days, because modern society is more emphasis on respect for the personality and rights.The debate "should not have let seat", by many young people think, "We are not reluctant to seat to the elderly, nor do not agree with the concept of respect for the old," but some elderly people think young people should not only right and proper seat, and more young people should not be forced seat.Seat, Respect, help the elderly care for the elderly has been the mainstream.Young people do not give up his seat in addition to the strong sense of respect for the old, the ill, the situation is probably more fatigue and other night shift.Liuzeng Sheng said, "Todays young people are not easy," can be described in the phrase.Old and young mutual understanding and understanding, in order to make a more civilized and harmonious social order."Hard core old man" whos who "Needless seat" of brand licensing, to discuss "The seat should not have" a level of sublimation: to discuss "seat" issue in mutual respect, understanding the premise of the elderly to understand young - competitive young age is not easy; young people to understand the elderly - not every old person that "right and proper seat", "body also stood no problem," the old man is advocated "Needless seat" in.In my opinion, 76-year-old "hard-core uncle" has been attracting users mad praise, praise may not be the first "Needless seat," the idea, but touched on the "understanding".One side is the old man "Needless seat" express, while there are still many young people to "Needless seat," the old seat, further dispel the "intergenerational conflicts," the misunderstanding, helps to restore intergenerational relations and social the original face harmony.This is the "hard core old man" phenomenon where the maximum value.Madi Ming Source: China Youth Daily