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  As a caramel-flavored tree, white-collar returnees resign and stay home when the "peasant" As a caramel-flavored tree, white-collar returnees resign and stay home when the "peasant woman" she is a woman Master of the University of Tokyo, has been in and out of high-rise buildings in Lujiazui, Japanese companies do white-collar workers 10 years.Accidentally, she was fascinated by one kind of full caramel flavor Colorful tree, rooted in Chongming and became a "peasant woman" .Recently, the reporter learned from the city forestry department, "Four Seasons color, full of flavor" of precious species and even incense, Chongming nursery has appeared in the near future may be able to appear in the streets of Shanghai."Never seen before" when the winter season of white-collar workers fell in love with returnees Cercidiphyllum japonicum see Lu Yi, she was miaozhen security in the village of Han Court first moment of nursery visits Shanghai."In the past all day in an office, now take 20,000 steps a day, fertilization, fight drugs, pressure grass, all kinds of farm work will be dry, even it will be hatching chicks."Cheerful tone and healthy skin, make it difficult to imagine that she was the secretary general manager of Japanese companies, and out of the room every day riding on the heels Lujiazui glamorous high-rise.Lu Yi on Chongming nursery pruning trees outside after graduation, Lu Yi went to the University of Tokyo masters language and environmental protection, two years after graduation to work in Japanese companies, after Hui Hu in Japanese companies for 10 years white-collar workers.Busy spare time, she likes gardening get grass to unwind, it is a real "gardening enthusiast".Once, she was still Kunming rented 35 acres of land, special kinds of potted geraniums.Four Seasons color caramel flavor a chance, she even germination of seed to Chongming Hong idea: "while studying in Japan, in addition to the street cherry trees is Cercidiphyllum, even before the palace also planted with it.To travel to the United States, it is even filled with incense.Thought is foreign species, and later learned that China is also its origin, but unfortunately too few domestic species."One into the heart, Lu Yi began to study japonicum.This is a high-altitude species like to focus growth in Sichuan, Hubei and other places in the mountains.Due to the scarcity of resources, endangered status, so it is included in the "China Rare and Endangered Plants", "China Plant Red Data Book" and the first "National Key Protected Wild Plants", it is a national key protected wild plant species.Cercidiphyllum Cercidiphyllum Four Seasons color, odd wonder that the "Four Seasons color", is a veritable Colorful Tree.Early spring red, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces deciduous tree in the earliest budding trees, other trees have not burst bud, it flushed the.Green leaves will grow up, so the whole spring and summer, it is red and green.Autumn, even the fragrant leaves turn golden, just as beautiful ginkgo.After the winter will turn red, and even enthusiastic than Maple.December whipped leaves fall, the interpretation of the last wave of poignant.In addition, even the fragrant leaves are heart-shaped, not only cute, but also very romantic.Even more amazing is that even the fragrant leaves and bark contains a substance called "coke catechol", the whole tree will exudes a charming fragrance, taste a bit like caramel cream, but also a bit like fried tea scent.Especially in autumn and winter when the leaves began to change color, but also fragrance garden trees, shake taste more rich, addictive, hence the name "katsura".Doo Doo and the environment with the idea to lower elevations in Shanghais kind of good and even incense, is not easy."Our introduction of the annual" chopstick Miao pencil seedlings for nearly 2,000 meters altitude difference made some technical processing.They fear not suited to the land, seedlings two weeks when he hit a syrup."Lu Yi said.More troublesome is that "fighting grass".The weeds soaring, she wanted to fight a variety of approaches and grass, light understory vegetation on for two or three times: "had wanted to use agapanthus species of grass in the forest pressed down, only to discover later plant agapanthus fundamental dry, but grass, be sure to cook cook species, diameter after expansion may be in two or three years down the grass pressure."The bad weather is a major obstacle.Two years ago the winter cold, a group of agapanthus all frozen to death.During the last year, "mangosteen" typhoons, rainstorms miaozhen, security is low-lying villages, flooded day and night, the highest water level reached 50 cm, and even nursery big dogs are coming to swim.Lu Yi even more troublesome is the concept of collision.Nursery employs more than 30 workers when up to solve the employment problem group of local farmers.However, she found, to older farmers into migrant workers, is a difficult task."Older people lack the concept of environmental protection, pesticide bottles will kick tossed in the river.I studied environmental protection, requiring them one by one recovery, but also record the number of empty bottles to recycle.Light of scientific fertilization method, you have to teach five or six times."She said with a smile.Chongming heart rooted far partial Today, Lu Yi rented in the nursery 7 km away from the farm, this day has been more than 3 years.From bustling urban areas to move to a deserted farm, is what kind of experience?"There is no nightlife, shopping alone Lynx, horse boxes do not send here, nor takeaway."She said," However, different life stages have different center of gravity, and now I just want a good species, advanced, environmental protection, science and philosophy spread to here."she says.In her efforts, the introduction of the previous 20000 katsura trees, now survived 1.50000.It expects another year or two, which was filled with the aroma of caramel Colorful tree, they can become Shanghais street trees, planted in the ecological corridor or even deep house courtyard in the magic luster.In addition, she also try to grow other species, such as gold leaf beech tree in the hope to enrich the Shanghai street trees out of a force.Precious trees add color Reporters learned from the forestry sector in Shanghai, the city continued to improve ecological quality in recent years, efforts to promote ecological environment construction, efforts to enhance "green, the color of precious, efficiency and" level.In recent years, the color green leaves of plants on the streets of Shanghai and ecological corridor in the application of 72 species, more than 60% of the main season type, such as sweet gum, beech, ginkgo, with no son, tallow and other colors are becoming more common leaf tree.At the same time, Chinas major rare species cultivated 208 species, even a kind of precious incense of the leaves in the trees.Precious trees because of the slower growing need "long war" if the introduction to the field or purchase, the cost price, transportation costs are very expensive.Therefore, to encourage the introduction and nurturing some of the local landscape is good, fewer pests and diseases, good management and protection of rare species, add rich color to the urban space.Gold Coast studio Kim Min carry on